GOFAS Jewelry, created with love and dedication, the New Year’s Charm for you.

Wishing you 2021 “Health, Hope and Optimism for 2021”


GOFAS Jewelry, created with love, the New Year’s Charm for you.

charm charm 2021 gouri gouri


Let a wind of optimism blow for 2021, looking forward with positive energy and hope, a better future, without the unprecedented situations we all experienced in the passing year…



So many winds, my God,

and has never left the light of my heart.

Provocative and unwavering, it insists”.

“Iliakos Lichnos”(Solar light), 1984 ,

Nikiforos Vrettakos, greek poet, novelist, 1912-1991.


 “With Positive Energy and Hope, for a Better 2021”

Happy New year to All!

GOFAS Jewelry Team