Hublot Mykonos Boutique Inauguration


GREECE – Mykonos / Tuesday 20th of July 2021


The new HUBLOT boutique in Mykonos adds glamor to the island of winds, together with the new Hublot Classic Fusion Mykonos 2021- limited edition!

In a special event, in the heart of the cosmopolitan life of Mykonos, the second Mono-brand HUBLOT boutique was born in Greece, at the same place where GOFAS jewelry BQ hosted the most important names of the high Swiss watchmaking, for more than 45 years.

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The Mykonian sky welcomed the lights and the glow of the event, with the prominent presence of the families of Giannis Gofas and Grigoris Gofas and together with Ricardo Guadalupe (CEO of Hublot) starred in the opening of Hublot on the island of Mykonos!

The new Mono-brand HUBLOT Mykonos BQ, respects the white and blue of the traditional Mykonian aesthetics while faithfully following the Mediterranean concept “Hublot Loves Summer” combining luxury and high watchmaking with the liberated and traveling spirit of summer!

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The presence of Mayor of Mykonos Konstantinos Koukas, Mayor of Thessaloniki Konstantinos Zervas, of the famous lead singer of the band “Melisses” Christos Mastoras and the master mentalist Lior Suchard (“friend of the brand” of Hublot) with Augusto Capitanucci (Regional Director Mediterranean Countries of Hublot), as well as many other important personalities from the field of shipping, business and media, made this inauguration famous all over Greece!


“HUBLOT loves Mykonos”


On the occasion of the inauguration of the new HUBLOT Mykonos boutique, the new CLASSIC FUSION CHRONOGRAPH BOUTIQUE MYKONOS 2021 was presented in worldwide exclusivity!

The new HUBLOT Mykonos, is dedicated to the cosmopolitan island of the Cyclades, inextricably linked to the absolutely successful and timeless commercial cooperation of GOFAS with the leading Maison HUBLOT. It is based on the emblematic Classic Fusion Chronograph, where the dark blue is harmoniously combined with the warmth of “Rose Gold“, recalling the sunset enjoyed daily by those who are enchanted by the blue sky and the deep blue of the sea on the island of wind!

Completing the puzzle of colors, aesthetics and uniqueness, a bladed rotor on the dial symbolizes the island’s iconic windmills, “waving” at 3 o’clock.

The CLASSIC FUSION CHRONOGRAPH BOUTIQUE MYKONOS 2021- 45mm a limited edition of 50 beautiful pieces and impresses with the blue ceramic and satin surfaces of the case, the flawless finish and the energy autonomy of 42 hours.

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At Hublot Mykonos you can also discover the Hublot Classic Fusion Mykonos Edition 2021.

Be one of 50 to acquire!

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Matogianni 43 , Mykonos , 84600

instagram:  @hublot_greece


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Kalogera 25, Mikonos 846 00

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