Chantecler Collection at Gofas Jewelry


Inspired by the “paillettes” (sequins) of Joan Crawford and the Dolce Vita of the 1950s on Capri, this collection radiates light and vitality. It is a celebration of the joy of living, expressed through the magic of dancing, dazzling light. Long necklaces that can be worn several at a time, in different colors and lengths, complemented by rings, earrings and bracelets. The Paillettes collection embodies different souls, ready to satisfy a variety of occasions. From colorful sequins made with the ancient technique of cathedral enamel, to those in gold and diamonds, up to the most sumptuous ones in diamond pavé. Paillettes is glamour, brio and energy. It’s joie-de-vivre.

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On the island of Capri there is a romantic pathway carved out of the rock, linking the historical center of the village with the port of Marina Piccola: the famous Via Krupp. Paved in irregular stones, it leads the tourists to an unforgettable blue sea. The Enchanté collection draws its inspiration from this amazing pathway. Artisanal masterpiece where a refined pavé of white diamonds is interrupted by a setting of irregular shaped precious stones: turquoise, red coral, pink coral, kogolong and onyx. Majestic dome rings, sculptural wide band rings, earrings, chokers, bracelets. “Enchanté: Chantecler!” a collection very Chantecler: playful, caressing, precious, caprese … in one word, enchanting.

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Discover Paillettes and Enchanté Collection with the most summery colors and live the experience of Capri at Gofas Jewelry Boutiques!