Pesavento and the emotion dreams

By combining creativity and design,

the Pesavento brand has developed a new concept in jewellery,

making it a way of displaying emotion and of realising a woman’s dreams.

Pesavento jewellery has a vibrant power of attraction,

charming and seducing from the very first glance.


In twenty-seven years, Pesavento has cultivated visions of beauty, harmony, and design while engaging in new paths of contemporary jewellery.

Since 1992, Chiara Carli and Marino Pesavento, together with their close knit team have shaped a passionate vision of precious design, awarded with growing success thanks to a recognisableidentity and the ability to understand the needs of the market in advance.

The key to the longevity of the brand is to know how to interpret the dreams of women, make them their own and transform them into icon jewels capable of transmitting emotions and astonishment.

The ability to combine innovative thinking and artistic and creative sensitivity has a name: ‘Art Expressions’

Contact us and… discover a dream in a single jewel.