The «Gentlesportsmen» community.

The «Gentlesportsmen» community

The Clifton Club film conveys the spirit of a “club” comprised of accomplished athletes who enjoy life and all it has to offer. Values of camaraderie, simplicity and true elegance are at the heart of the Baume & Mercier, alongside those who wear the timepieces:

The individuals featured in the film are sportsmen who are friends in real life. This ensures authenticity in capturing the spirit of Clifton Club. There is nobody better than a group of passionate athletes who embody the beauty of movement and the pleasure gained from practicing their discipline beyond the competitive world.

To create this “club”, Baume & Mercier identified highly motivated and true sportsmen, many of whom also work with charities and remain accessible in their local communities; individuals with whom all men can easily identify. The Clifton Club watch has become a symbol of belonging to this male community with its urban yet sporting lifestyle.

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